Nikki Anderson Iowa City IA, Nikki Anderson of Wild Culture Kombucha has died

Nikki Anderson Obituary, Death – Everyone here is in an incomprehensible state of mourning with the tragic news that our beloved Nikki Andersen passed away the day before yesterday. At this time, her and their family are in our thoughts and prayers. We will continue to keep them in our thoughts. Nikki was a continual source of happiness and a bright spot in everyone’s day, not only at Wild Culture but also throughout the community as a whole. She will be greatly missed by everybody. During that time, she was someone I counted as a friend. She was a part of our family at one point.

A few of the things that she did, such as working any and all events or shifts at the taproom, going out for impromptu late-night eats with the crew, swimming with our girls at the city pool, and corralling thirty second graders on Leighton’s birthday, brought out the best in the people that she interacted with.

Her warmheartedness, compassion, and infectious smile left a lasting impression on everyone she came in contact with. Because you were permitted to be a part of our lives, and because we were able to share them with you, we will be grateful till the end of time that you were a part of them.