Xuan Rollmann Obituary, Woman who died in crash on I-894 near National Ave. identified

Xuan Rollmann Obituary, Death – The woman who was killed in the accident that took place on Friday on Interstate 894 near National Avenue has been identified as Xuan Nguyen Rollmann by her family. The incident occurred near the intersection of Interstate 894 and National Avenue. According to her relatives, she was more commonly referred to as “Mimi.” Rollmann was unable to survive the collision, and another person sustained injuries as a result.

According to a news release that was issued by the deputies, two drivers were involved in a collision and pulled over after it. The collision involved two vehicles. When this occurred, a third vehicle came up behind the first two and came to a stop. The driver of this third vehicle got out of their vehicle and looked to see how the other two vehicles were doing.

After the collision, one of the drivers who was involved got out of her vehicle. The other driver remained inside their vehicle. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office reportedly stated in a press release that “moments later, a fourth vehicle came along and struck the two drivers that had exited their vehicles after their vehicles had been struck.” The statement was included in the release.

The driver of a third vehicle, who had stopped to check on the well-being of the other victims, sustained injuries and was taken to a nearby medical facility for treatment after the vehicle had stopped to check on the other victims. It was discovered that Josh Lipp, a firefighter for the Mequon Fire Department, was off-duty at the time the incident occurred.

Rollmann, who had been involved in the earlier collision, sadly passed away after suffering injuries in the incident. The driver of the vehicle that caused the collision has been arrested for Operating While Suspended–Causing Death, according to the officials of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department. The incident was caused by the driver’s suspended license.