Willie McLoud Obituary, 63,Willie McLoud of Turbeville, SC Has Passed Away

Willie McLoud Obituary, Death -Turbeville, SC She had reached the age of 63 when she passed away on December 18, 2022, in Kingstree, South Carolina; she had died at that point in time. Willie Mae McLoud’s life had ended at that point in time. When she went away, Willie Mae McLoud had already lived 63 years of her life. When she passed away, she was 63 years old. On May 26, 1959, she made her debut into the world in the town of Florence, which is located in the South Carolina county of the same name.

The 26th of May is the day she celebrates her birthday. It was at that time and on that day that she was brought into this world. The only child to have lived through the deaths of both of her parents, Annie B. Bradley and Junior Wells, for whom she was called after the former. She was the only one of their children to survive. She was the only youngster of her age to have emerged from the trauma unscathed.

Her family is throwing a gathering at their house on Mickey Street in Turbeville, South Carolina, and they have asked all of their closest friends and neighbors to join them for the occasion. In this particular passage, the address 1125 Mickey Street is referred to as the site in question. You are more than welcome to send flowers to the memorial service that will be held in honor of Willie Mae McLoud. The event will be held in a few days. Willie Mae McLoud will be remembered at this event that will be conducted in her honor. After they have been obtained, there will be an outpouring of gratitude directed in their direction. The celebration will take place on the particular day that has been decided upon.