Wayne Gamble Obituary Arroyo Grande Ca, Wayne Gamble has passed away

Wayne Gamble Obituary, Death – The unexpected passing of Wayne Gamble, who has now moved on to the great concert in the sky, made this past week a challenging one for all of us. Wayne Gamble is now enjoying the great concert in the sky. During this difficult time, Stacy and his family are in our thoughts, and we want them to know that we are sending our best wishes their way. I pray that we will be able to provide them with unwavering support and that we will always be there for them when they require our assistance.

Wayne was a talented multi-instrumentalist in addition to being a devoted music educator, husband, and friend. He played a variety of instruments. Wayne had probably been playing in bands ever since he was a teenager, and he had done so in a wide variety of capacities. Our second studio album, titled “Hard to Keep a Good Man Down,” features his lead vocals as well as his guitar work throughout the entirety of the record. In addition, before we went on hiatus in late 2016, when Chancho was informed that he had a brain tumor, we recorded a third album that has not yet been released.

This album was never intended for public consumption. The fact that Wayne included some of his own original songs in the compilation served as evidence of his creative prowess as well as his versatility as a songwriter. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to make those tracks available in the not too distant future.

As a result of Wayne’s talent, we evolved into a better band, and as a result of his insight, we developed into better individuals. Wonderful times and memories that we shared together will always be something that we treasure and look back on with fondness. His absence will be keenly felt in every imaginable way, and to a significant degree. I pray that Wayne Gamble lives on in perpetuity. — K. Dog, C. Chancho, R. Ron, and U. John