Trudy Storts Obituary, Trudy Storts Has Passed Away

Trudy Storts Obituary, Death -Early this morning, when it was still early in the morning, my mother, Trudy Storts, died away in an unexpected manner. Informing you all of the tragic news that she has passed away breaks my heart, and doing so leaves me with a broken spirit as well. I apologize for the inconvenience. She was a remarkable person who touched the lives of many people and will be much missed. I really apologize for the inconvenience that this situation produces, and I ask that you accept my sincere apologies. She belonged to the human species, yet she was unlike any other human being that had ever been.

Please accept my deepest condolences. Many of us will spend Christmas day mourning the loss of a loved one who passed away during the past year, rather than celebrating the holiday with our families and friends as we have in years past. In the past, we have always celebrated the holiday by gathering with some of our closest friends and members of our family to take part in the happiness that the event brings. In light of the gravity of the situation, we would be indebted to you if you could, to the very best of your abilities, keep each and every one of us in your thoughts and prayers in the manner that is most suitable to the predicament.

We would be really grateful for this. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, for the sake of my father in the days, weeks, and months that are still to come after the occurrence of this incident and the subsequent fallout from it. She did not have the slightest anxiety about what would occur as a direct result of the conversation they had because she felt that she could confide in him and talk to him about anything without being threatened in any way.