Kennard A. Thomas Obituary, Aiken man identifed as victim in New Ellenton stabbing

Kennard A. Thomas Obituary, Death – The man who was fatally stabbed in Aiken has been determined to be a local resident of 32 years of age, according to the Aiken County Coroner’s Office. The body of the victim was discovered in the city. The man’s passing was a direct consequence of the incident involving the stabbing. According to the authorities who investigated the incident, the New Ellenton Police Department and the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office were the ones who responded to the call of a victim who had been stabbed. The victim had called for help after they had been stabbed. The victim had the presence of mind to call for help after being injured by a knife after suffering injuries caused by knife.

The local authorities stated that they arrived at the scene on Camel Street in New Ellenton on December 26 at approximately 1:28 in the morning. The location of the incident was described as being in New Ellenton. The male victim, who has been identified as Kennard A. Thomas, was discovered inside the residence with a stab wound to his bound, which was discovered by the investigators. The wound was discovered by the investigators. According to the statements that have been made by the authorities, who claim that the wound was found by the investigators, this is what has transpired.

Thomas was reportedly transported to the Augusta University Medical Center by emergency medical services (EMS), but he was pronounced dead upon his arrival at that facility. The investigators who looked into the case came to the conclusion that this was the case after looking into it. The information that was provided by the coroner’s office suggests that the autopsy will take place on Thursday morning in the city of Newberry. The time and location of the autopsy have not yet been determined.

Both the Aiken County Coroner’s Office and the New Ellenton Police Department have issued statements indicating that investigations into this matter are currently being carried out by both of their respective departments at this time. Both of these statements were released at the same time.