Kay Wheaton Obituary, Founder of Wheaton’s, dead at 70

Kay Wheaton Obituary, Death – The disease that took the life of an entrepreneur who was a well-known figure in the Maritimes was cancer. The news of Kay Wheaton’s passing was announced in a press release issued by the company on Monday. The release described her beginnings as the founder of the popular “Wheaton’s” retail chain as one in which the “stay-at-home mom of four was confronted with a predicament.”

It says that after two of her children needed braces and she needed extra income, Wheaton found herself in a position where she was struggling to make ends meet. It was around this time that the idea for Wheaton’s was conceived more than 32 years ago. Wheaton started her business in Somerset, Nova Scotia, on the back porch of her home, selling homemade crafts and fresh wreaths.

In addition to their woodworking facility, Wheaton’s currently operates six retail locations across the Maritime provinces. Over seventy-five of the people who work at Wheaton’s right now are thinking about the woman who was responsible for making it all possible. “The support of her family and her unwavering faith guided Kay throughout her life and provided her with the direction to create such a wonderful place for customers to enjoy and employees to grow,” states the release.

“Kay was able to create such a wonderful place for customers to enjoy and employees to grow because of the direction she received from these two sources.” “She has just recently commented that the company is in good hands, under the leadership and guidance of her husband, Garnet, as well as a strong team of managers and store associates that have worked together for years,”

A fire in 2016 completely gutted the original Wheaton’s store, which was located on Shaw Road. However, Wheaton’s has rebuilt, and they are continuing business as usual at their Berwick location.In addition, the press release states  “Kay thoroughly enjoyed eating lunch at the Cider Press Cafe with her grandkids and sharing a hot fudge brownie sundae with Garnet.”

Gardening, putting together displays, engaging in conversation with clients, and decking the halls with Christmas trees for the enjoyment of all could always be found her. She will be deeply mourned, but in our hearts, she will live on forever. The age of Wheaton was 70. On Saturday, she passed away.