Jack Williamson Obituary Knoxville TN, Jack Williamson has passed away

Jack Williamson Obituary, Death – Friends, It is hard to believe that we are even typing these words, but we wanted to share the news of the passing of our dear friend, mentor, and brilliant leader, Jack Williamson. Jack will be greatly missed. It is still hard to believe that this actually took place, and it’s possible that it never will. Over the course of the past twenty years, we have worked both for and with Jack. He has consistently shown that he has faith in us, provided support for us, and, in all honesty, has been like a father to us.

We began working with him at United Capital Mortgage in Alcoa. After that, we moved to Northshore Drive and changed our name to United Capital Lending. Finally, we moved to the Kingston Pike location and changed our name to People’s Home Equity. When we decided to open our own location in Gettysvue, he was there to back us up 100 percent. Then, in the most recent years, we continued to do so in the most recent years in our current location at Walker Springs, where we shared an office space with him.

When we were given the chance to cohabit with him once more, we were overjoyed at the prospect and did not waste any time in accepting it. The room was filled with the sound of his laughter, and everyone in the building was aware of his presence… He made our staff feel like a family again and brought back memories of the “good old days” in the mortgage business by befriending them and giving us that feeling of working together as a team.
He never failed to drop by to see how we were doing, to listen to our concerns, to engage in friendly conversation about sports and to inquire about our families… He was a genuine and thoughtful friend in addition to being the proprietor of a successful company.

He referred to the two of us as “The Girls.” He would always advise, “Call the Girls… The Girls will take care of you,” and I would always do as he said. He entrusted not only his own business, but also the businesses of his closest friends, to us. He never misled us and always made his decisions with our best interests in mind. Jack, you are deeply loved and we are going to miss you terribly. You are aware that we would have followed you wherever you went.