Xana Kernodle Death Idaho US, Xana Kernodle has passed away

Xana Kernodle Death, Obituary – A history professor at the University of Idaho has filed a lawsuit against a cyber-sleuth for defamation after the would-be investigator accused her of being involved in the killings that occurred on campus a month ago. TikTok personality #AshleyGuillard made the accusation that #RebeccaScofield, an associate professor at the university in Moscow, Idaho, and the chair of the history department, was responsible for the deaths of four students who attended the school. The lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday, makes reference to a number of videos that were uploaded to the platform and attempted to link the educator to the murders.

Scofield’s attorney Wendy J. Olson stated categorically that “the statements made about Professor Scofield are false, plain and simple.” FoxNewsDigital issued a statement regarding the matter. The fact that these false statements put the Professor and her family in danger is an even more upsetting development.

The statement went on to say that these actions “further compound the trauma that the families of the victims are experiencing” and “undermine the efforts of law enforcement to find the people responsible in order to provide answers to the families and the public.” “Professor Scofield has twice sent Ms. Guillard letters ordering her to stop making false statements; however, Ms. Guillard has continued to make false statements despite being aware that she is doing so.”

Therefore, filing this lawsuit became necessary in order to safeguard Professor Scofield’s well-being as well as her professional reputation. Guillard responded to the lawsuit by posting a video on Friday, in which she stated, “I am not stopping,” and questioned why Scofield needed three lawyers to sue her “if she’s so innocent.” Guillard said she would not stop.

On November 13, between the hours of 3 and 4 a.m., the bodies of #KayleeGoncalves, #MadisonMogen, #XanaKernodle, and #EthanChapin were found stabbed to death inside of a three-story house. According to the police, the victims were discovered on the second and third floors, and two female roommates on the first floor slept through the attack. The victims were found on the second and third floors.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Guillard began posting on November 24 and directly blamed Scofield, claiming that the educator “had been involved in a relationship with one of the murdered students, K.G.” Guillard is accused of starting the postings herself.