William Chestnutt Obituary, William Chestnutt Has Passed Away

William Chestnutt Obituary, Death – William Chestnutt, who passed away (calmly) in his house on December 23, 2022, was a resident of 16 Rosemary Place in Coleraine. He had lived there for a number of years and had been a resident there for quite some time. He had lived there for a very long time. William was the much-loved spouse of Gillian, who moved away, the highly-beloved father of Claire, Lee, Emma, and Emma’s boyfriend William, and a cherished Grandfather. In addition, William was a cherished Grandfather. Gillian went away. Additionally, William was a beloved Grandfather to his grandchildren.

Gillian was the one who left. In addition to this, William was a well-respected Grandfather to all of his many grandchildren. Gillian was taken from us at an unnecessarily young age. In addition to this, William was a highly respected grandparent to all of his many grandkids. He had a large number of grandchildren. On December 27, 2022, at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon, funeral services will be held at his residence, immediately followed by interment in Coleraine Cemetery. The exact day and hour of these happenings have not been decided upon as of yet. There has not been a final decision made on the time of day when these occurrences will take place. The time of day during which these incidents will take place has not yet been settled upon in a definitive manner as of yet.

Flowers from family only, please; in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Church of Christ in Coleraine or the Marie Cure Nurses of Northern Ireland in the care of Mrs. Mona Murdock, located at 31 Bushmills Road in Coleraine. You can find Mrs. Mona Murdock at the address above. At the address shown above, you will be able to find Mrs. Mona Murdock. You will be able to contact Mrs. Mona Murdock at the address that has been provided above. You will be able to get in touch with Mrs. Mona Murdock by writing to the address that has been given to you here. Everyone is going through a great sense of loss as a consequence of his passing, and his dedicated family and the rest of his extended family circle will grieve him terribly as a result of his passing.