Shifter Andrew Hill Obituary, Shifter Andrew Hill of Purnell CC has passed away

Shifter Andrew Hill Obituary, Death – Yesterday, we lost Shifter Andrew Hill, who passed away sadly (Christmas Day). The members of the Purnell CC would like to extend their deepest condolences to his mother and father, as well as to Jake, Mandy, and Stuart and their families. Shifter started playing for Purnell’s as a youth player when he was 13 years old. By the time he was 16, he was playing first IX cricket for a very good team.

He was an aggressive batsman, bowled occasionally, and was a very good athletic fielder (which was surprising to those who only knew him later in life). He took a break from cricket for a few years, but oddly enough, he was always busy because he had a lot of social things going on. He passed away in 2010.
He returned to play for Purnell’s in Premier cricket when he was in the middle of his 30s. This was after he had been injured in an accident involving a ladder; as a result, he was larger and more immobile than before, but he hit the ball harder.

Not only was Shifter a friend of Purnell’s, but he was also a friend to the entire cricket community in Frome, Bath, and most especially Midsomer Norton and Martin Cox (he loved watching Martin Cox bat and referred to it as “class”). He was well-known in virtually every bar, pub, town, and street he entered or traversed during his life.
He was larger than life, a very lovable rogue (he had so many stories), and a true friend to a great number of people. Shifter was a legend.

He was not perfect, but when you try to pick out his shortcomings, there aren’t that many.
Because he was boisterous, had a great sense of humor, and was well-versed in cricket, every day, evening, and the match was enhanced and made more enjoyable by the presence of Shifter. Everyone at Purnell CC and the surrounding community will mourn the loss of Shifter because he left behind a wealth of memories and because he was loved by all.

He would often say things like, “If you cut me in half you’ll see Purnell’s through and through.” It is an honor for all of us to be able to call shifter our friend. He has always had Purnell’s in his heart. Your legacy will continue to be remembered forever.