Scott Dinsmore Obituary, Living Legends mourns Scott Dinsmore death

Scott Dinsmore Obituary, Death – After being struck by falling rocks while getting closer to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, the incredible Scott Dinsmore sadly passed away. The incident occurred when he was getting closer to the peak of the mountain. We write this letter to let you know the tragic news. He was traveling with his wife, Chelsea, who did not sustain any injuries and made it back to the United States without any problems.

While we are all struggling to come to terms with this devastating news and the heartbreak it has caused, we can find some solace in the incredible community that Scott has created. He leaves behind an incredible legacy that is full of potential, inspiration, and straightforward action. You are all aware that Scott was out there living his dream and that he truly lived every day without looking back with regret. His boundless enthusiasm, infectious smile, unbridled passion, and fearlessness served as an example for all of us. Someone like Scott is responsible for altering the course of tens of thousands, if not more, of people’s lives.

And he didn’t just talk about living a life filled with passion and purpose; he actually went out and did it himself. He decided to become the change that he desired to see in the world. Together, we are able to keep his spirit alive in our hearts and, more importantly, we can continue to take massive action to live our own passions, to do work that matters, to experience life to the fullest, to support each other in community, and to embody the change that he exemplified.

Scott created the Live Your Legend community with the intention of it consisting of more than just one individual. This was the driving force behind his involvement in the LYL Local movement. He never wanted the community and the possibilities to be restricted to just him, and the fact that his incredible legacy will indeed live on in the form of this community is a testament to his heart, his passion, and his vision. You should know that there is a future for Live Your Legend, and that the reason for doing so is already very obvious. However, we still have a lot of details to work out regarding what the future holds for the project.