Ruby Gonzales Obituary, Ruby Gonzales Has Sadly Passed Away

Ruby Gonzales Obituary, Death – After a very brief battle with illness, our dearly loved Sister Ruby Marie Gonzales went away yesterday evening. She was a fighter, but her bout lasted only a short time. As a direct result of receiving this piece of information, we are taken aback entirely. Many of our children enjoyed Sister Ruby as a Sunday School instructor because she was fast with a smile and an embrace, and she was always ready to make them feel as though they were something special. In particular, they liked her because she was always prepared to make them feel as though they were something extraordinary.

This was one of the reasons why they liked her so much. Sister Ruby was a treasured companion among our more seasoned members, and she was a consistent source of joy and affection for each and every one of them. The one solace that we can derive from this circumstance is the realization that she will be spending Christmas this year with the angels. This is the only consolation that we can find. Visitation services are scheduled to take place at the funeral home on Friday, December 23, commencing at one in the afternoon and continuing until nine in the evening. These services are scheduled to take place.

The San Benito Funeral Home is located in San Benito, Texas 78586, and its location is Buck Ashcraft 1400 West United States Highway 77. You may contact them at (281) 582-3711. A memorial service honoring the life of the person who has passed away will take place that evening at seven o’clock.
The family has asked that in lieu of sending flowers or plants, you would kindly consider making a memorial donation to aid with the financial burden that will be caused by the expenses associated with the funeral and burial. In your prayers for her and her family as they go about the business of living their lives during this time of the year, please remember her and her family.