Michael Collins Obituary, Michael Collins of Dorchester Has Passed Away

Michael Collins Obituary, Death – The name of the small child who was struck by gunfire and murdered on Friday in the Dorchester area of Boston has been made public by the Boston Police Department. Friday was the day that the incident took place. There was a young lad in his teens who was found deceased. The horrible tragedy that transpired took occurred in a specific community in a particular neighborhood. The particular physical location in question served as the stage for the actions and occurrences that took place at that site. At the time of the murder, the victim had just turned 18 years old. The murder took place not too long before the victim passed away.

Michael Collins Jr. was found by the cops who responded to the call suffering from several gunshot wounds at the intersection of Franklin Hill Avenue and Shandon Road. The Dorchester area of Boston, Massachusetts was Michael Collins Jr.’s home throughout his childhood. The officers were able to follow his movements all the way to the crossroads, which is where the arrest took place. It has been said that the incident took place in that location, and rumors have been spreading about the means by which and the reasons behind why this is the case.

He was transported to a nearby hospital, but the attending physicians and nurses there pronounced him dead not long after he arrived at the facility. He had been dead for some time. Even though he was transported there, he did not make it through the night. The facility’s medical staff verified that he had been declared dead after his passing. He had been there before on a trip and had arrived there by various modes of transportation at that time. The Homicide Detectives of the Boston Police Department can be reached at the following number: (617) 343-4470, and they are requesting that anyone who might have information phone them at that number. The number can be found here.