Maureen Pepin Obituary, Member of The Place Between Book committee Has Passed Away

Maureen Pepin Obituary, Death – The demise of Mrs. Maureen Pepin was brought to our attention with great grief, and during this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with those who were close to her and who will miss her. Many people knew her as a strict educator and vice principal, but she was also a passionate advocate for the history of the Township. She was well known for both of these roles. Because of these roles, she will be remembered by a lot of people. She used to be a part of our organization and was fairly involved in the activities that it provided.

In addition, she was on the committee that was in charge of writing “The Place Between Book,” so she has prior experience in this field.
Roads and Other Place Names in Langley, which was written by Maureen and is one of the most well-known titles in this field, is one of the reference books that gets the greatest use at this location. Aside from that, she collaborated with Norm Sherritt and Harry McTaggart on a book titled The History of Langley Schools. The book was written by Harry McTaggart.

Not only would those who were closest to you, such as family, friends, and loved ones, mourn the loss of your presence, but also others who are involved in heritage preservation will feel the same way. Others will feel the same way about the loss of your presence. I pray that you, Maureen, will at long last discover the tranquility that you so richly merit. We are grateful that you have agreed to share your expertise and experiences with the rest of us. In the meantime, we would like you to convey to Fred and the rest of his family that they are in our thoughts and prayers. We are thankful that you have agreed to share your expertise and experiences with the rest of us.