Jude Jalalaty Obituary, Jude Jalalaty Has Passed Away

Jude Jalalaty Obituary, Death – Jude The news of Andrew Jalalaty’s passing has left a great weight on all of our hearts, and we are sorry to be the ones to tell you about it. We are sorry to be the ones to break the awful news to you, but the news of Andrew Jalalaty’s passing has left a great burden on all of our hearts. Because he is no longer there to fill the void in their life, his family, notably his parents Andrew Sarkis and Maree Jalalaty, will feel a tremendous void in their lives.

It came as a huge surprise when they announced he had passed away. He comes from a long line of Jalalatys because both of his great-grandparents, Sarkis and Aida Jalalaty, were natives of the area. This indicates that he is descended from a Jalalaty family. They were both born in the same city, where they also spent their early years of education. Both of his parents were born in the same location when they made their debut in the world. Condolences will be held on the 27th and 28th of December at the residence located at 15 Wyoming Road, Dural, between the hours of 4 pm and 8 pm on both days.

The following is the address of the residential property: The specifics of the funeral service are going to be discussed at a later period and time so that they can be kept for later use. His aunty Claudia Jalalaty Crestani, together with the rest of his uncle Robert Jalalaty’s family members, as well as the rest of his aunty’s family, will host the get-together. Also attending will be the rest of his aunty’s family.

I want God to give him the kind of peace that can’t be described in words. Please hear my prayer and answer it.
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