Jack Latham Obituary, Jack Latham of Christian Center Shreveport has died

Jack Latham Obituary, Death – The sad news that Jack Latham has passed away must be relayed to everyone at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones and friends at this time. Mr. Latham passed away peacefully at home on Christmas Day evening, making his way to be with Jesus. During his final moments, he was surrounded by the loved ones he most cherished from his family. While being in the presence of Jesus, he has undergone full restoration as a result of being completely healed.

The contributions that Jack made to CCS were critical to its success. He was an important driving force behind the establishment of our media ministry. He had previously recorded and distributed all of them when they were only available on tapes, so he was instrumental in the process of upgrading all of our services to CDs and DVDs when they were only available on tapes.

Mr. Jack made it possible for people who were unable to leave their homes to make use of our services by preparing and delivering them on a weekly basis. This allowed those people to take advantage of our offerings. When weighed against everything else he did for the kingdom, this is a trivial matter. At this time, please say some prayers for his children Pam, Becky, and Karen, as well as for his grandchildren. Please remember them in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts.

Mr. Jack lived a full life that was full of adventures. It’s likely that he is celebrating his arrival in heaven at this very moment. When we are in a position to do so, we will make the details of the funeral and visitation available to the public. Well done sir. You did a fantastic job of getting to the end of the race.