George Musser Obituary Baytown Township, Missing 20-year-old Stillwater man found dead

George Musser Obituary, Death – According to family members who spoke with FOX 9 about the incident, the dead body of a man who had been reported missing in Stillwater was reportedly found on Christmas Day. The man had been reported missing earlier in the week. In spite of the subzero temperatures that prevailed on Sunday, more than a hundred people gathered together in order to search for George Musser. Since the early hours of Saturday morning, Musser had not been seen and no trace of him could be found anywhere.

The last time anyone saw him dressed, he was leaving Brian’s Bar just after 2 in the morning wearing a stocking cap, dark blue jeans, and a dark gray flannel shirt. This was the last time anyone saw him dressed. Emily Dalbec, who is George’s cousin, explained that once it is 2:20 in the morning, they are unable to access any information. This restriction is in place permanently. He has not dressed adequately for either the temperature or the conditions that they were in.

Sunday was the day that Dalbec was in charge of organizing the search efforts that were being carried out, and he did so successfully. It was concerning for Musser’s family because, according to them, he had left his car behind, his keys had been found in a dumpster, and his wallet had been discovered in a nearby snowbank. All of these things had occurred simultaneously. The occurrence of each of these things took place at the same time.

Following the receipt of information regarding the disappearance, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) issued a warning early on Sunday morning. The sad news that Musser’s body had been found by police just before 8 o’clock that evening was shared with the family. The discovery of Musser’s body had been brought to the family’s attention.

“During this dreadful time, we are putting our faith in the Lord and praying that he has led George to heaven and that he is there waiting for him. We are putting our trust in him because we know that he will never let us down. We beg you in all humility to pray for those who are near and dear to us “said Emily.