Denny Mckeown Obituary Garden Center Cincinnati Ohio, Gardener Denny Mckeown has died

Denny Mckeown Obituary, Death – Denny McKeown is regarded as the go-to expert on lawn and garden issues by tens of thousands of gardeners in the Midwestern United States. Denny has been working in the nursery business for over 50 years, which has earned him a reputation as a popular and highly regarded gardening expert. At the age of five, when the man hired to landscape McKeown’s family’s home let him participate as much as he could with the project, McKeown was introduced to the joys of gardening for the first time. “To be able to say that at the age of five I knew what I wanted to do as my life’s work,” McKeown says, “is something that I consider to be a true blessing.”

Denny received degrees from Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati, but he believes that his real education came from the work he did in the real world. Because he was an unmotivated student throughout high school, his classmates voted him “most likely to fail,” a slight that they attempted to make up for by giving him an award for “most improved” at their 25th reunion.

Denny is a former National President of the Garden Centers of America, in addition to other professional and civic accomplishments, and he produced the first Jaycees Haunted House, a fund raiser that has inspired hundreds of similar projects across the country, raising millions of dollars for charity. In addition, Denny produced the first Jaycees Haunted House, which he also produced.

Denny McKeown’s “The Denny McKeown Gardening Show” was broadcast on a variety of Cincinnati-area radio stations every Saturday morning between 1981 and 2012. During that time, Denny was the host of the program. During this time, the show was also aired on radio stations in various markets located across the Midwest. Denny produced weekly garden features for local news stations in addition to hosting his radio show at the same time. Over the course of more than 24 years, he has offered weekly gardening advice on the Saturday and Sunday broadcasts of the Channel 9 news.

Denny became a local celebrity very quickly and earned the nickname “Cincinnati’s Garden Guru” as a result of all of the radio and television exposure he received. Denny continues to this day to write a weekly garden column for the Cincinnati Enquirer and a weekly email newsletter for the customers of his Bloomin Garden Centre. Both of these pieces are distributed to Denny’s customers.

Taylor Publishing Company released Denny McKeown’s first book, “Denny McKeown’s Complete Guide to Midwest Gardening,” in the year 1985. Denny has since then written an additional eight garden books, all of which have been published by Cool Springs Press. The “Ohio Getting Started Garden Guide” is his most recent publication, having been released in 2015.

Denny opened Bloomin Garden Centre and Landscape in the early 1990s with the goal of providing customers in the Tri-State area with plants, garden products, and landscaping services that were of the highest possible quality and had a track record of being successful. Denny runs the business with the assistance of his son Chris, who he considers to be the pillar of the company.

Denny’s entire life has been dedicated to cultivating and sharing his enthusiasm for horticulture, not only with the people living in the Tri-State area, but also with his own family. Denny and his wife Pat take great pleasure in witnessing the growth and development of their seven grandchildren, who were provided to them by Denny’s son Chris and his two daughters, Molly and Jennifer.

Denny has learned over the course of his career that his success is entirely dependent on the success of the yards and landscapes that we have maintained for our customers. His approach to gardening is grounded in common sense and focusses on high-performance, low-maintenance, and colorful plants. He delivers all of this information with his one-of-a-kind sense of humor, which he freely shares with everyone he comes in contact with.