Adel Elrafei Obituary, Store owner shot, killed in Covington

Adel Elrafei Obituary, Death – A individual who owned a store was allegedly the target of a gunshot on Christmas Day, and the authorities who are in charge of the investigation believe that they have a suspect in custody at this time. On Christmas Day, there was a shooting that ultimately ended in the death of one person. Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to the Bull Market convenience store, which is located on Highway 51 South, at approximately one in the afternoon. The phone call was made as a direct result of an event that took place at that location. The phone call was made as a response to something that had happened earlier in the day at the location in question, and it was made in response to this event.

The body of the store’s proprietor was found by the police, and the ensuing investigation determined that he had died as a consequence of gunshot wounds. The body was located by the police. At this juncture in time, the research project is progressing even further into its later stages. Adel Elrafei, who was 57 years old at the time of the assault, was determined to be the victim of the crime after the investigation was finished. This was determined to be the case after it was determined that Adel Elrafei was the victim. After the inquiry was finished, it was also possible to identify the criminal who committed the offense.

The investigators have not been successful in discovering the reason why the person was slain, despite the fact that the cash register was discovered unlocked and it appeared that money had been stolen from it. Despite the fact that the cash register was discovered in an unlocked state, this is the result. At this time, nobody has been taken into custody in connection with this incident, nor has anyone been arrested, and no detentions have been imposed. Please report this incident to the police by dialing the number below: Please contact us at the above number if you have any information on this incident: 901-475-1261. You are being persuaded in a very convincing manner to continue in this manner.