Moroni Schwalger Obituary, Family mourns Moroni Schwalger’s death

Moroni Schwalger Obituary, Death – Moroni Schwalger has sadly passed away, the death of Moroni Schwalger came as a shock to friends and family of the deceased. We learn about Moroni Schwalger through online publication and it says; I’m so sorry dad. I tried my best to bring you back to NZ with us but it’s been so hard. I even flew to samoa the same day you passed to make sure everyone agreed to bring you back to us and organise with the funeral home to fly you back home. All your siblings agreed that whatever me and the kids wanted, they would support. But sadly they have decided to make it up to them and them only and I don’t even have a say anymore.

Sadly there’s not much else I can do anymore to bring dads body back but still I deserve to send my dad off and my little brothers and sisters should be able to say goodbye – which is why I’ve made this post. I know you loved us more than anyone dad – more than yourself. everything you did was FOR US. no one else. I love you endlessly my crazy dad. i wish i couldve done more for you to be sent off in the right way. you were so smart, so talented and never took no for an answer.

you taught me so much about life and how to succeed! that’s something not many kids get. I know me and my brothers and sisters will use the brains and looks you gave us to go on to make you proud.
I pray no one ever has to go through this grief of not even being able to go to their own dads funeral to say a proper goodbye. To all his friends and family in NZ and around the world, we will hold a proper memorial service for Dad here to celebrate him – the big heart and crazy ideas you had and the love everyone has for him. Please donate to the link below and share if you can.