Michael Provenzale Obituary Eastchester NY, Michael Provenzale has passed away

Michael Provenzale Obituary, Death – Everyone in the Eastchester neighborhood is in a state of complete and utter disbelief because Mike Provenzale passed away in such a shockingly quick and unexpected manner. The fact that Mike passed away on December 23, 2022, is disclosed in a source that can be located on the internet and read by interested parties. Mike spent a significant portion of his adult life working as a coach with the Eastchester Little League.

His tenure with the league extended several decades. Grief has been felt by individuals who were close to Mike Provenzale, including members of his family and friends, as a result of his passing away. Regarding the events that led up to Mike Provenzale’s passing, absolutely no information of any kind has ever been disclosed to the general public. The information about the death of Michael Provenzale was released on social media and it can be seen below;

The whole Eastchester community is in total shock by the sudden passing of Mike Provenzale. Mike coached for years in Eastchester Little League and was one of our biggest supporters. He would do anything for the kids. Please keep his wife Kristine and his four children in your thoughts and prayers. God only takes the best. SIP Mike

A very sad day and a tremendous loss. Someone who made everyone laugh and smile all the time. May you RIP Mike Provenzale. Love & prayers to Kristine Viczkus Provenzale, your boys, daughter, entire family, and friends

We are mourning alongside family and friends for this enormous loss; yet, we are unable to adequately express how sorry we are for your loss through words alone due to the magnitude of our emotions. When we learned of the unfortunate passing of this young being, it left us in a state that can only be described as absolute devastation.