Jonathan Matos Obituary New York, Jonathan Matos died in a motorcycle accident

Jonathan Matos Obituary, Death –  Shortly after midnight, Jonathan David Matos, who was 29 years old, succumbed to his illness and passed away. He was a good-natured and sociable man who never failed to make a contribution that was sincere and wholeheartedly made to the cause. He used his creativity in an effort to lift other people up, to encourage people to be brave and honest, and to encourage people to overcome any obstacle that stood in their way.

Even though he was born with scoliosis, a disease that affects the muscles, and a number of other physical issues, he never used any of those conditions as an excuse. Instead, despite his physical limitations, he never lacked the bravery to accomplish things that others might have thought were impossible for someone in his situation. Cane and Able is a novel that he wrote and had published based on his childhood experiences of coping with a muscle disease.

He drew inspiration for the book from his own life. In addition to that, he started a few podcasts and helped his creative friends by encouraging them to take part in online stores and streams such as Strider Talk and Unboxing Story. His church family at Bethel Chapel Church, his sisters Melissa Matos and Sarah Scudder, his grandmother Mary Colquhoun, and his girlfriend Megan Donnelly, as well as many friends from LaSalle college and CAPPA high school in Philadelphia, will miss him terribly.

His mother, Roberta Matos, his sisters Melissa Matos and Sarah Scudder, his grandmother Mary Colquhoun, and his girlfriend Megan Donnelly will also miss him terribly. Those who knew him while he was a student at LaSalle College or CAPPA High School in Philadelphia will be profoundly affected by his passing as well. When he is with the Lord, we have no doubt that he will discover rest and happiness in a place where he will be able to walk, run, and jump without ever having to worry about tripping or falling again. Because of the current health concerns, the memorial services for Jonathan are going to have to be postponed until a later time.