Jon Veal Chicago IL Death, Jon Veal has passed away

Jon Veal  Death, Obituary – Extremely heartbroken to have learned of the demise of a person who possessed a soul as precious and important as the one that belonged to Jon Veal. Unbelief that someone who has helped other people in such a significant way and raised the status of others to such a level will soon no longer be a part of the community. The unflagging optimism, contagious charm, and unshakeable faith that Jon exuded are things that I will never forget.

I still remember him reaching out to me and Jordan wanting to make me dinner and share a meal together as a way to give back and connect with those who give a lot of themselves for the benefit of others. We did this as a way to show appreciation for those who give a lot of themselves for the benefit of others. The fact that he did something like that gives us insight into the kind of person he was. I can’t help but reflect about his painting show that was held at the Chicago Art Department as a heartfelt tribute to both his growth and his father.

Because he was the very first person to arrive at the art showing I was doing at Compound Yellow, I made sure to have a photo with me to bring back memories of that evening. I was getting a little worked up, and his presence helped me find some much-needed calm in the midst of the chaos. After I mentioned to Marcelo that men should also receive flowers, he and I walked across the street to a florist store so that I could select some flowers for Marcelo to receive.

Jon was honored with a great deal more than just flowers for his work with Alt_ and during his time as an employee at this location. In addition, he was showered with a good number of flowers. I pray that God gives him and his family strength and blessings as they go through this time of change. You will not be forgotten about at any time.