Jett Diaz Death New York Mets, Jett Diaz has passed away

Jett Diaz Death, Obituary – A appeal from Michael Vasquez, MSBL veteran A little more than a year ago, Jett, a teenage baseball player from my hometown of New Windsor, New York, was told that he had a brain tumor. Jett had been diagnosed with the condition. Jett had only turned 14 years old when these events took place. His father, James Diaz, is a mathematics teacher at the junior high school in the area, and he has been there for many years. I used to play baseball with Jett’s dad back in the day, and Jett was an amazing baseball player much like his dad was. I used to play baseball with Jett’s dad.

When I was younger, I used to play with Jett’s father. Jett has played on a variety of travel baseball teams in the past, and the Mets have just chosen him to take part in the “Make a Wish” program. The fight that Jett had on Sunday resulted in a loss. It did not go well for him. Because we want everyone to show their support for Jett, we are asking everyone to post a picture of themselves wearing a jersey to the Jog for Jett Facebook page today. Please join us in this effort (Thursday).

The reasons for his persistence were his amazing talent as well as his deep interest in the game he was playing. If you could assist me in paying tribute to Jett, I would be very appreciative. When he made the decision to retire, he was just 14 years old, which was much too young to be participating at that point in time in the game.