Jeff Jenson Obituary, Retired Chief Of Barneveld-Brigham Fire Department Has Died

Jeff Jenson Obituary, Death – I must inform you, sadly, that Former Firefighter and Retired Chief Jeff Jenson has died away. It is with a deep sense of grief that I must do so. Jeff, who had been struggling with an illness for some time, passed away early this morning. The year 1980 marked the beginning of Jeff’s quest toward a successful career when he joined BBFD. Jeff worked his way up through the ranks throughout the course of his career, eventually assuming the position of Chief. Jeff was elected to the office of Chief in 2006, and he resigned from that position in 2014.

Jeff’s tenure as Chief ended in 2014. Jeff continued to be of service to the organization even after he stepped down from his job as Chief and became an FF. In 2021, Jeff left his position as a firefighter with the BBFD to pursue retirement. At the beginning of the year 2022, Jeff made the decision to return to the position he had previously held and work throughout the day. Jeff demonstrated an astounding breadth and depth of knowledge while working the fire. He was a teacher and a leader, but what mattered most to those around him was that he was a very good friend.

Whoever came to Jeff in need of aid could count on him to supply it in any form they required. The members of the BBFD staff as well as the volunteers are unable to console one another and are at a loss for words. Our deepest sympathies go out to Maryellen, Aaron, and Lily Jenson, as well as the rest of the Jenson family. We are very sorry for your loss. Without Jeff, none of us at BBFD would have any idea what we are supposed to be doing.

On the day of the funeral, we will pay respect to Jeff with a service that will be held by the fire department, and we will invite other departments to join us if they so choose. The funeral will be held on January 3 at 11 a.m., and the memorial services will be held on January 2 from 3 to 6 p.m. Both of the services will take place at the Barneveld Lutheran Church, which will act as the venue for both of them. Relax, Jeff; from this point on, we’ll take care of everything that has to be done.