Jed Schipper Death Los Angeles CA, Jed Schipper has passed away

Jed Schipper Death, Obituary –  This fund will use all of its resources to cover the cost of tours for groups, allowing those groups to take part in the event at no cost to themselves. These are people and organizations that, under normal circumstances, do not have the financial means to pay for a guided kayaking tour on the Los Angeles River. Over the course of several years, Jed was an exceptionally helpful contributor to the LA River Expeditions program. He took up the cause of a river that was having trouble surviving and pledged to assist in any manner that he could. He was promoted to the position of Development Associate, his responsibilities included contacting groups and planning unique excursions for them.

Even though it makes us feel terrible to have lost such a fantastic friend and coworker, we have high hopes that this fund will be one way that Jed’s eccentric, fun-loving, exuberant, and big-hearted spirit can continue to live on in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.
Over one hundred fifty individuals attended the Celebration of Life for my brother, and there were approximately three hours’ worth of eulogies delivered. I will publish more later for those who were unable to attend, but for now, I wanted to provide information on two organizations that were very important to Jed and have established ways for people to make gifts in his honor and in recognition of the work that he did. The eulogy for the founder of Families Uniting Families may be seen down below. You can send contributions to the following address: 525 E. 7th St. Suite 115 Long Beach, California 90813

GoFundMe says; In honor of our LA River Expeditions colleague, Jed Schipper, this GoFundMe donation page is created to continue and extend the scope of work Jed did while with our organization: special kayaking tours for underserved populations in the greater Los Angeles area. This fund will allocate 100% of its resources to pay the cost of tours for these groups so that they may participate for free. These are individuals and groups that would not typically otherwise have the ability to pay for a guided kayaking tour on the LA River.

Jed was a valuable member of the LA River Expedition program for many years. He took to a struggling river’s cause, committing himself to help in whatever way he could. He became our Development Associate, reaching out to groups and organizing special tours for them. He would always find groups to bring on board and ways to raise funds so those groups could join in the cause of the LA River’s revitalization. From women’s shelters to South LA youth groups, and from Veterans’ organizations to the homeless, and countless other groups that faced extra challenges, Jed was there for them.

Jed was the kind of person who touched an astonishing number of lives through his steady, passionate work. He was especially tuned to those who were often without the basic services that others take for granted. Although we are very sad to have lost such a wonderful friend and colleague, it is our hope that this fund will be one way that Jed’s quirky, fun-loving, rambunctious, big-hearted spirit can remain active in and around Los Angeles. LA River Expeditions is a nonprofit under the 501c3 sponsorship of The Electric Lodge—all donations are tax-deductible.