Brian Dusho Obituary, Ohio, Brian Dusho Has Passed Away

Brian Dusho Obituary, Death – Brian Dusho Obituary, Ohio, Brian Dusho Has Passed Away  Unexpectedly, To Whom It May Concern, Regarding Anyone It May Concern, Brian A. Dusho, Esq., who had been a resident of Lorain, Ohio in the past, went unexpectedly in an unanticipated manner on December 19, 2006, in the city of West Bloomfield in the state of Michigan. Before becoming a judge, Brian A. Dusho practiced law. Before he passed away, Mr. Dusho had been struggling with an illness for the preceding three weeks before he eventually succumbed to it. Before his passing, Mr. Dusho had been suffering from an illness.

Earlier in his life, he had established his principal residence in the city of Lorain, which is located in the state of Ohio. Since the year 2001, he has held the position of Production/Creative Services Director at the radio station WJLB-FM in Detroit, which is located within the city of Detroit and is owned and run by Clear Channel. He has held this position since the beginning of his employment there. The train station can be found within the boundaries of the city of Detroit. His maternal grandmother Evelyn Strauser (née Stitak), his paternal grandmother Anna Dusho, and his maternal grandmother Dennis Dusho are all still alive and well today.

His paternal grandmother Anna Dusho passed away when he was just a baby. They are people from his family who have lived to this time, and they are included in that group. His mother, Evelyn Strauser, existed in a past life under the name Evelyn Stitak. In this life, she is known as Evelyn Strauser. On the list of people who are still alive today, in addition to him, his father Dennis Dusho, as well as his brothers Brian and Jeremy Dusho, can also be found (nee Soviak). In April of 2006, Jason’s mother, Nancy Dusho (née Strauser), as well as both of Jason’s grandfathers, his maternal grandfather Charles Strauser and his paternal grandfather Wilson S. Dusho, passed away as a consequence of the illnesses that they had been afflicted with.

Jason’s maternal grandfather Charles Strauser passed away first, followed by Jason’s paternal grandfather Wilson S. Dusho. In addition to this, Jason is the only member of his family to have outlived both of his grandparents. This makes him unique among the members of his family. Because of this, he is distinct from the other members of his family. Both of Jason’s grandparents had already passed away before he was even born. Jason was an only child.