William Haynie Obituary, Mid City Pediatrics mourn William Haynie passing

William Haynie Obituary, Death – Our hearts broke when we learned of the demise of Dr. William (Bill) Haynie, the man who founded Mid City Pediatrics. Dr. Haynie was known for his dedication to the field of pediatrics. In the field of pediatrics, he was a trailblazer and a pioneer. This news has left us in absolute disbelief and a state of complete and utter despair. In the year 1961, Dr. Bill Haynie began his career in the medical specialty of pediatrics in the city of Shreveport, which is located within the borders of the state of Louisiana. After working in the industry for the next 20 years, he opened Mid City Pediatrics in the year 1981. He had been working there for the previous 20 years. He was employed in the medical specialty of pediatrics.

In the years leading up to his retirement in 2006, he assisted a significant number of children and teenagers in the Ark-La-Tex region with the many different types of medical needs they had. It wasn’t until 2006 that he decided to officially retire. After a total of 49 years as a physician, which is nearly a half century in human years, he made the decision to hang it up and retire after having already accomplished a great deal in the area of medicine by the time he made the decision to hang it up and retire. It is a great privilege for Mid City to be able to give medical care to the children and grandchildren of patients who first trusted Dr. Bill Haynie’s skilled hands and compassionate heart with their own health.

This is an honor that Mid City takes very seriously. He stood out from the crowd as a remarkable individual in every way possible. Dr. Bill Haynie possessed a love that was both profound and unending, and he showed it not just to his own family but also to the patients he treated in his medical profession. He was effective in putting a worried mother’s mind at ease, and then he used his quick wit to make the same anxious mother laugh out loud. He was successful in putting a worried mother’s mind at ease. Throughout the entirety of his career, Dr. Haynie was well-known for delivering treatment for his patients that was not only pleasant and professional, but also overflowing with compassion for them.

This trait helped him earn a stellar reputation in the medical community. Because of this, people in his industry came to see him as an expert. Those people who were fortunate enough to have a chat with him will, for the rest of their lives, carry a bit of his legacy alive within their own hearts as a reminder of him. This will serve as a lasting tribute to him. This is going to be the case regardless of whether or not they were lucky enough to have another interaction with him. This is not going to change.