Wally Green’s Obituary, Auckland Rugby League Mourns Wally Green’s Death

Wally Green’s Obituary, Death – The Auckland Rugby League has been in a state of mourning ever since they found out earlier this week that Wally “Watcher” Green had died away; they received the news earlier this week. They were shocked to hear the news that Wally “Watcher” Green had passed away earlier this week. We would want to take this opportunity to express our deepest condolences not just to Wally Green’s immediate family, but also to his extended whanau pani. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. We are truly sorry for the loss that has been inflicted upon you.

Wally’s playing career was highlighted by his passion to the sport of rugby league, for which he was selected to represent both his team and the Auckland Rugby League. In addition, Wally was a member of the New Zealand national rugby league team. Wally was able to play for both the Auckland Rugby League and his side because of the passion he showed toward both organizations. Wally served as the team manager for a number of different representative sides, including the Auckland side, over the duration of the whole decade that took place in the 1990s. These sides included both national and international teams. There were both national and international teams competing in these competitions.

After reaching retirement age, Wally made the decision to maintain a high level of engagement throughout his later years by accepting a position as the keeper of Cornwall Park for a specified number of years. After Wally had already retired, the decision was made to proceed in this manner. He did this in order to ensure that he would always have the capacity to derive satisfaction from his surroundings in the natural world. In addition to that, throughout the course of his life, he has contributed both his time and resources by working in the kitchen of the ARL Jets Camps Hunua as part of a volunteer effort. This is an exceptional contribution, not only of his time, but also of his resources.
Tomorrow will be the day for Wally’s wake as well as his funeral, and both will take place at the Papatoetoe Funeral Cottage, which will also play the role of hosting the wake. It has been decided that Wally will be laid to rest in the same location.