Peggy Payne Obituary, Peggy Jean Payne of St. Thomas has passed away unexpectedly

Peggy Payne Obituary, Death – Peggy Jean Payne, who was a resident of St. Thomas, Ontario, passed away on the 18th of December in 2022 while she was at home with her family. Her passing occurred in the year 2022. She had been dealing with her illness for some time. On December 11th, 1948, Peggy Sharp was born to her parents, Donald and Betty (Stone) Sharp, in the town of Tilbury, which is located in the province of Ontario in the country of Canada. Donald and Betty (Stone) Sharp were married. Peggy’s grandfather Donald and grandmother Betty (Stone) Sharp are her grandparents. Peggy’s educational path started off at the prestigious Lord Roberts School in London. She attended that institution for the subsequent two years before moving on to Sparta Public School in St. Thomas, where she continued her education and ultimately earned her diploma from Arthur Voaden Secondary School.

Peggy began her working life as an employee at Essex Wire, where she remained until the very end of her career, when she accepted a position as a maintenance supervisor at the St. Thomas Golf & Country Club. Peggy’s career spanned more than four decades. Peggy was employed there right up until the very last day of her job. Peggy’s career spanned the length of the period that she was working in some capacity in the world of labor. In Peggy’s life, the times when she was able to spend time with the people she cared about the most — such as playing Yahtzee, golfing, riding her motorcycle, tending to her garden and riding her motorcycle — were also the times when she felt the most joy.

This included playing Yahtzee, golfing, riding her motorcycle, and tending to her garden. Peggy is survived by her husband, Larry Payne, her children Bettyann, Jenn (Wayne), Angelle, Sarah, and Crystal; her siblings Pat, Nancy, Cathy, Donna (John), Bob (Linda), and Raymond; and her grandchildren Bettyann, Jenn (Wayne), Angelle, Sarah, and Crystal. Peggy is also survived by her siblings Pat, Nancy, Cathy, Donna (John), Bob (Linda), and Raymond. Pat, Nancy, Cathy, Donna (John), Bob (Linda), and Raymond are Peggy’s surviving siblings. Peggy is also survived by her parents. Peggy is survived by her parents as well as her five sisters and one brother: Pat, Nancy, Cathy, Donna (John), and Raymond. Her parents passed away when she was a little child ( Vaerie).

She is survived by a number of additional members of her family, including cousins, nieces, and nephews, in addition to her 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Peggy will be remembered with warmth by a significant number of people for the rest of their lives; this will be the case regardless of when they were born. Peggy’s final wishes have been carried out, and her corpse was cremated as she had desired before she passed away. Peggy’s wishes were carried out in the final moments of her life. A memorial ceremony or a celebration of life will take place at a later time; information regarding the particulars of the gathering will be shared in the coming days and weeks.