Noreen Kokoruda Obituary, Madison Board of Selectmen Member Has Died

Noreen Kokoruda Obituary, Death – I am saddened to tell you today of the demise of Noreen Kokoruda, who was a member of the Madison Board of Selectmen and a former representative for the state of Massachusetts. I am sorry to have to inform you of her passing. It is with the utmost regret that I have to proceed in this manner. Noreen was a dedicated public worker who had a profound affection for Madison and worked diligently on behalf of the citizens of the city in a variety of capacities over the period of approximately 40 years. During that time, she served in a variety of capacities, including.

She left just a few days before the first of the days that would be her final days on earth. To commemorate and honor the legacy that she leaves behind, which includes her compassion for others, dedication to service, and loyalty to her family and friends, we can all join together as a community. This is something that everyone of us may impart to the others and share with them. During this time of trial, her family is in our thoughts and prayers. We are thinking and praying for them. I pray that God would bless each of you. We ask that you please accept our most sincere condolences

I have given the order that all flags at Madison town facilities should be lowered to half-staff beginning at noon today, December 22nd, and should remain lowered until sunset on the date of interment, which has not been decided upon at this time. I have also given the order that all flags should remain lowered until sunset on the date of interment. I would be honored if you would join me in paying tribute to her memory in this way since it is a sign of respect for the legacy that she has left behind. I am sorry for the loss that has been inflicted upon you.