Larry Hicks Obituary, Larry Hicks has passed away unexpectedly

Larry Hicks Obituary, Death – We are saddened to inform you that Larry Wayne Hicks, who lived in Kingsport, Tennessee, passed away on December 11, 2022 at the age of 75. The funeral for Larry Wayne Hicks will be held at a later date. Everyone who knew and loved Larry Wayne Hicks is left in shock and sadness by the news of his departure because it was completely unexpected. The memorial services for Larry Wayne Hicks have been postponed till a later date. On December 11, 2022, we were made aware of the passing of Larry Wayne Hicks through the information that was made accessible to us. During this trying time, we want his family to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers, and that they are in our thoughts and that we are thinking about them.

We also want them to know that we are thinking about them. On this memorial page, friends and family members are invited and given the chance to express their condolences to the family in the form of words that they can write right here on the internet. These words can then be added to the page as a permanent tribute to the deceased person. These are the kinds of words that could be etched into a memorial for the individual who has died away. You will be able to read these condolences if you go to the bottom of this page and click on the link that says “Condolences.” His parents, Herman and Elizabeth Hicks, as well as his sister Teresa Ann Hicks and brother Herman Hicks, all passed away before he did. His sister Teresa Ann Hicks also passed away.

In addition to him, his brother Herman Hicks had previously passed away. Everyone was taken aback when they learned that he had passed away; everyone was shocked. His children, Sherry Hicks Crawford (Joe), Robyn Hicks (John Ruhlin), and Chip Hicks (Laura); his grandchildren, Carly Crawford, Jace Crawford, Clarice, Camille, Eloise Ruhlin-Hicks, and Kennedy Hicks; his siblings, Janice Steffey (Earnest), Judy Hensley (Phil), and James Hicks; and his pet BoBo. BoBo also passed away. Additionally, BoBo passed away. Additionally, BoBo did not survive the accident. In addition, BoBo did not make it through the accident unscathed. Every single person on this list is a living descendant of his who is still here and kicking today.

In addition, he is survived by a substantial number of people that he knew only on a peripheral basis, such as cousins, nieces and nephews, and other relatives with whom he shared an unusually deep tie. These individuals include people who he knew only because they were related to him. On December 16, 2022, at one o’clock in the afternoon, a funeral service was performed at the Chapel of Oak Hill Funeral Home in order to inter the deceased. The service was held in order to pay respects to the departed. The memorial service was held in honor of the person who had passed away. The year was 2022, the day was December 16, and the month was December. The day of the month was December 16 and the month was December (800 Truxton Dr, Kingsport, TN 37660).