Henry Ledford Obituary, Greatest Generations Foundation Mourns Henry Ledford’s Death

Henry Ledford Obituary, Greatest Generations Foundation Mourns Henry Ledford's Death

Henry Ledford Obituary, Death – We were saddened to hear of the passing of Henry C. Ledford, a veteran who had served in World War II, and it was with great sadness that we got this news. He was 103 years old at the time of his death. Henry C. Ledford, whose parents David and Ollie Napier Ledford had passed away before the time of his birth on September 22nd, 1919, was born in Marcum, Kentucky. Both of his parents passed away before one another. He was a seasoned soldier who had served in the United States Army during the Second World War. He served in World War II with the 103rd Infantry Division of the United States Army, which was also referred to as the “Cactus Division.”

This division was a part of the United States Seventh Army and the 6th Army Group. During the war, it was a component of both of those armies. It was assigned as a responsibility to the VI Corps, the XV Corps, and the XXI Corps respectively. After the war was over, it was a part of the VI Corps’ dash across Bavaria and into the Alps, reaching Innsbruck, Austria, taking the Brenner Pass, and earning the honor of linking up with the United States Fifth Army coming north from Vipiteno, Italy, joining the Italian and Western European fronts on May 4, 1945. In other words, it was a part of the “dash” across Bavaria and into the Alps that the VI Corps made.

The VI Corps was making a sprint across Bavaria and towards the Alps at the time of this event. In April of 1945, it was given occupational duties to do until the 20th of that month, at which point it began the offensive, pursuing an enemy who was escaping through Stuttgart and capturing M√ľnsingen on the 24th of that month. After that, it continued to perform occupational duties until the end of the year. The Dachau subcamp that was also known as the Kaufering concentration camp was freed on the 27th of April by the forces that were a part of the division that invaded Landsberg on that same day.