Dexter Jones Obituary,Tap Dance, Former Performing arts at Riverdance Has Died

Dexter Jones Obituary, Death – Dexter Jones of Medford, New York, former Performing arts at Riverdance has passed away on December 19, 2022. He lived in Astoria. Dexter was a former  Performing arts at STAGES ST. LOUIS. He studied Acting at SUNY Purchase College, State University of New York at Oswego, he went further to studied Acting Conservatory at State University of New York at Purchase. Dexter attended Patchogue-Medford High School. According to a Facebook post; The recent news of Dexter’s death stunned me greatly. If you’re in the same dance social circle as I am, you’ll notice his influence on not only myself, but everyone he taught at The Pulse.

Dexter was an important element of my musical development throughout my adolescence and early adulthood. He is one of the mentors who has helped me enhance my musical skills. Growing up in a musical family, he had a multidimensional awareness of dance; his aural understanding of jazz through numerous means (not only dance) enabled him to teach in a multifaceted approach. He challenged us to learn in such a way that we had to truly understand tap dance, something I had previously only seen at music schools. His impact on how I approach my work will never be forgotten or unappreciated, and he will be deeply lost by myself, my family, and my dance friends.

Every new and nuanced rhythm I incorporate into a work corresponds to his pulse modulation lectures (tempo/time alterations, swing, etc…). Teaching me using my body provided me with a skill that I now employ every time I create art. Despite the oddity of some of my songs, his influence can be heard in nearly every song I release. Dexter was not just a fantastic musician, but also a fantastic role model. His quick wit and ability to make everyone feel like family inspired us to do better. Half of our human identity is merely the sum of our environment’s various effects, and I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to share my most formative years of personal development with him.

It is an honor that our paths have crossed. Despite my sadness today, I believe this is a form of celebration. Dexter would rather that we laugh, joke, and dance instead of mourning his passing. I urge everyone who knew him to remember him as he remembers every performance, every competitive medal, and every right step we ever took, did, or earned at The Pulse or any other dancing studio where he taught. God bless you, fantastic mentor, friend, and musician.