Deborah Higgins Obituary, Maryland Deborah Higgins Murder Suicide

Deborah Higgins Obituary, Death – The death of Deborah Higgins was investigated by the local authorities and determined to be a murder-suicide. On the evening of Christmas Eve, Deborah and Bruce were joined by their respective families at the home of Deborah’s brother. Darrell Russ, Deborah’s brother, made the observation that “they appeared to be happy to me.” On the other hand, Deborah and Bruce both passed away as soon as the sun reached its zenith in the sky. Wednesday morning about eight o’clock, officers from the Montgomery County Police Department responded to a call at the residence of a couple located in the 28900 block of Kemptown Road.

Several minutes before the cops arrived, a relative called 911 to report that Bruce had called and stated he had shot his wife and was about to shoot himself. When the police came, they made several attempts to get in touch with the couple, but they did not receive any response. Upon entering the house, they came upon the deceased couple and discovered their bodies.
Both Bruce, age 84, and Deborah, age 54, succumbed to gunshot wounds and died. The family of the couple was at a loss to understand what had taken place between them after the tragedy. The age difference between the pair was thirty years, yet that didn’t stop them from adoring each other. Bruce concurred with Russ’s assessment that his sister has a loving relationship with her spouse.

Deborah promoted their enormous estate located close to Clarksburg Road as well as Valhalla Manor, a wedding destination that encompassed fifty acres. According to what is written on the website for the venue, “The countryside estate is capable of accommodating anything from the most simple meetings to breathtaking events.” Deborah’s brother, Russ, made the observation that his sister’s life was a challenging one. Her son, Lance Cpl. James W. Higgins Jr. was killed in the line of duty in Iraq in the year 2006. It was something that James Higgins had always wanted to do, thus it came as a relief to Joseph Higgins, Higgins’ brother, to learn that James would be going to Iraq to serve his country in that capacity.

The circumstances of Deborah’s life were about to take an unexpected turn. Because she was unable to meet her financial obligations, multiple businesses filed lawsuits against her.
In 2015, she filed for bankruptcy a total of three times. The occurrence has been classified as a homicide that occurred in the context of a domestic relationship, and the police are still looking into the circumstances surrounding the crime.