Dean Rhodes Obituary, London, United Kingdom Dean Rhodes Has Passed Away

Dean Rhodes Obituary, Death – Dean Rhodes, my lovely father, passed away from cancer on Thursday morning, leaving us to be at peace with the angels above. Right in front of my eyes, my heart was extracted from my body and destroyed. I’m sitting here now, attempting to compose a tribute to him, but I’m at a loss for words, not just because I’m shocked and hurt, but also because the English language simply lacks words to describe a man as magnificent as my father. The way you fought that horrible, cruel illness and simply accepted it, the way you maintained such a cheery exterior to protect your family, is nothing short of admirable. Even though I’m sure you were in a lot of pain, you were incredibly strong.

This could not have occurred to a more deserving man. My father was so considerate and caring; he would do everything for his family and friends, and I owe him so much of my life that it saddens me to know I’ll never be able to fully thank him. Your legacy will continue on; you’ve taught my brother and me so much in life, most notably how to be fathers, for which you set such a high standard. For the time being, dad, I want to thank you for everything: for being you, for being the best father any child could ask for, for being the best friend a man could have, for being the best ‘funny granddad’ to your grandchildren, and for being the best spouse to our mother.

It’s time for you to be at peace, free of the undeserved agony and suffering you’ve endured. Until we meet again, sleep tight and snooze in the most loving, delightful calm. Father, I adore you.
My father touched the hearts of so many people, but I was overwhelmed by how many after his passing, so as a family, we developed a website devoted to him where people may write their own memorials. One of Dad’s wishes was that donations be sent to cancer research in lieu of flowers, which may be found on the website
If I have not already contacted those who might want to attend the funeral, please contact me personally.