Clyde Thompson Obituary, Clyde Frederick Thompson 82 of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas has died

Clyde Thompson Obituary, Death – Clyde Frederick Thompson, who had lived in the same place his whole life and had reached the age of 82 when he passed away on December 17, 2022, went to be with our wonderful Lord. Clyde had spent his entire life at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Clyde Frederick Thompson had spent his whole life in Walnut Ridge, where the family home was located. In the sleepy town of Garland, which is found in the state of Maine, on October 16, 1940, he was welcomed into this world by his parents, Sumner Thompson and Annie Getchell. Garland is located in the town of Garland. He was the son of his mother and father. Clyde was a devoted follower of Christianity, and he frequently welcomed churchgoers into his home.

He was well-known for his warm hospitality and generous spirit. On the CB radio, he went by the handle “Sneaky Snake,” and in his spare time, he enjoyed playing bingo, collecting baseball cards, stamps and coins, and gathering baseball memorabilia. On the CB radio, he was known as “Sneaky Snake,” and his nickname stuck. The following members of the family are still alive today: one brother named Sonny, who lives in Newport, Maine; three sisters named Barbara (Joe), who lives in Lowell, Vermont; Vivian, who lives in Exeter, Maine; and Arlene, who lives in Exeter, Maine with her husband, Clarence Jr.; eleven grandchildren; several great grandchildren; and a host of other family members and friends.

Clyde Thompson was predeceased by his daughter, Lisa Thompson, as well as by his two brothers, Roger and Ernest, and his two sisters, Hildreth and Sandra. Clyde Thompson was the last of his immediate family members to pass away. His daughter, his two spouses, Barbara Thompson and Rose Thompson, and his parents, Sumner and Annie Thompson, all predeceased him. Clyde’s parents also predeceased him. Ernest Thompson lives in Memphis, Tennessee, Clyde “Chuckie” Thompson lives in Meriden, Connecticut, and Clyde “Chuckie” Thompson and Clarence Thompson both live in Meriden, Connecticut. Clyde Thompson is the father of three kids.

The only people who will continue the Thompson name are Clyde’s parents, Sumner and Annie Thompson, and Clyde’s son, also named Clyde Thompson. Clyde’s grandson also bears the Thompson name. Clyde Thompson is the one who will keep the family name alive. Faith Funeral Service in Manila, Arkansas has been given the responsibility of carrying out the family’s requests in this regard. The family has requested complete discretion with regard to any and all of the funeral preparations, and they have entrusted Faith Funeral Service with the responsibility of carrying this out.