Charles Todd Obituary, Bridgeport CT, Former Special Education Paraeducator at Bridgeport Public Schools Dies

Charles Todd Obituary, Death – Charles Todd, 38, of Bridgeport, Connecticut has sadly and unexpectedly passed away. Charles was a Special Education Therapeutic Support Facilitator at Bridgeport Public Schools. He was a former Special Education Paraeducator at Bridgeport Public Schools. Charles studied Education at University of Hartford. He was a wonderful individual who shone brightly in the Bridgeport, Connecticut neighborhood. Charles was an excellent educator who was highly committed to his field.

Family and friend took to Facebook to pay tribute to charles Todd; Those who had the good fortune to have known Charles Todd are grieving deeply over his untimely passing because it has left them feeling like they have lost a dear friend. Because my inbox is being flooded with people asking for information about his death, I will need to make it known that I do not have any details to share with you other than the fact that his family is in need of your prayers during this trying time. However, I will make it known that I do not have any details to share with you other than the fact that his family is in need of your prayers.

I would like to offer my sincere apologies for any trouble this may create. While they try to come to terms with the death of a loved one, we respectfully request that you remember them in your prayers and give them space as they mourn the loss of their family member. We almost ever crossed paths; I suppose that’s part and parcel of maturing… but we messaged one another not more than a few days ago… So, what were the steps that were taken before this happened?

I am sorry for any anguish or pain that you have had to endure…. You were such a powerful adversary who needed to be regarded seriously. I had no choice but to respect you.
Your unique personality and that contagious laugh are going to be the things that I think about and talk about the most. Charles, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to you for everything that you’ve done, as I believe that your work with children was absolutely exceptional. My sincere condolences go out to the family in your time of loss. Your remarks have completely shattered my heart, Charles. I wish and pray that you are able to find peace inside yourself. Keep a smile on your face while you’re looking down.