Xavier Williams Obituary, Victim identified following shooting in Greenville County

Xavier Williams Obituary, Death – Even though a person that appeared to have been shot was found early on Monday morning, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office insists that they are still conducting an investigation into the incident. They say this despite the fact that the body appeared to have been found in a wooded area. This continues to be the case in spite of the fact that the body had been located earlier. According to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation is said to be continuing at this moment even though it has been going on for some time. According to the deputies, a call to dispatch was issued at approximately 10:40 in the morning regarding a person who had been shot on Augusta Road close to White Horse Road.

The report was to a person who had been injured by gunfire. Augusta Road was the location of the shooting that took place. The information that was supplied in the report related to a person who was found in the area of White Horse Road. The call did not provide any information regarding the location of the gunshot that could be used to locate it. The get-together happened in the neighborhood, somewhere in the vicinity of Augusta Road, as stated in the previous sentence. A male victim who had been hurt and who was later pronounced dead at the spot was found by law enforcement officers upon their arrival at the scene of the crime. It was determined that the person had been the target of a violent crime at some point.

The victim had already passed away by the time their body was found at the location where they had been injured before the discovery was made. It was concluded that the man had died at the location where his body had been found, and it was also concluded that the man had passed away at that location. The Greenville County Coroner’s Office came to the conclusion that the person who had gone missing was Xavier Williams, who was 29 years old, after completing additional research and conducting additional investigations. They came to this conclusion after conducting additional research and investigations. They came to this realization after performing additional research and arriving at the same conclusion they had previously reached. According to the statements that have been made available to the general public by the Sheriff’s Office, they have currently detained a person who is of interest to the investigation.