Will Raap Obituary, Vermont Will Raap Has Passed Away

Will Raap Obituary, Death –  Thinker, activist, husband, father, and friend. Success. Simple, graceful, and funny. Nature-loving. He doesn’t want “legacy.” Word-building. He thought people could change the world. Will was as comfortable petitioning politicians as he was packing boxes, pulling weeds, and sweeping up pigeon poop. Will took charge. Charismatic and competitive. Collaboration, openness, compassion, and empathy helped. Aided. Will loved the world and Vermont. MBA and Central Valley work shaped his life’s purpose. Will saw the effects of industrial agriculture and the folly of destroying the environment for tasteless tomatoes. He imagined farming and small-town business.

He left his “traditional” job for Findhorn. Will learn leadership and teamwork. Lynette was his 45-year guide, coconspirator, and spiritual partner. After returning to the US, Will rejoined Lyman Wood at Garden Way. Lyman wanted a co-op. Coup-driven layoffs. Will organize National Gardening Day for Gardens for All. Increased magazine sales. 1983: Will founded Gardener’s Supply. Gardener’s Supply used specialty cataloging. Gardener’s Supply is catalog-less. Will believed Gardener’s Supply could improve the world. He pioneered responsible business. Will wanted a capital- and labor-rewarding company. After four years, he appreciates everyone’s work. Proposed ESOP. Will could have made more money in Vermont. 2009 workers bought Gardener’s Supply. Gardener’s Supply employs 300 and makes $100 million.

Will found Intervale in the 1980s while looking for his car. Farmland pleased Will. Burlington’s last dairy farm, cow corn, and abandoned tires were in Intervale. To reduce crime, will move Gardener’s Supply. Intervale Center incubates new farms and farmers in post-dairy Vermont. Intervale reinvents agriculture. All-starter. His companies sold greenhouses, made wood products (Serac in Georgia, Vermont), and treated wastewater. He founded Green State Gardener and Upstate Elevator Supply. Founded Vermont’s Steep Hill Labs. At 72, he bought Charlotte’s Nordic Farm to create a startup ecosystem. Vision continues at Earth keep. Strong willpower. Costa Rica will replicate eco-entrepreneurship. He built business relationships in Europe, India, and Asia.

Lynette and Will loved Costa Rica. Develop people and ideas. Their kids are practical, determined, and independent. mentors Everybody trusted him. Will gave time, advice, and trust. He never asked for something he wouldn’t do himself, demonstrating “servant leadership.” Employers, be kind. Will solve a problem with selflessness and confidence. True. Need courage and persistence. Gambled. Will overstayed ideas, businesses, and relationships to prove “you can.” Setbacks improved decision-making. His family appreciates his love and lessons on caring for others and the planet. They appreciate his help and believe in his influence. We’ll remember him as long as we live. Will’s wife, kids, and sisters survive him.