Victoria Houk Obituary, Coroner Identifies Victim Killed In Youngstown Fatal Fire Accident

Victoria Houk Obituary, Death – The female victim of an unintentional fire that occurred earlier this month in Youngstown has been recognized as a resident of Youngstown by the county coroner. The incident took place in the downtown area of the city. The incident was found to have taken place in the central business district of the city. The incident happened in the main business district of the city in where it took place. Victoria Houk, who had reached the age of 70 at the time of her passing, was determined to be the individual whose body was found to have been disposed of in an unsanitary manner. She was one of several people who lost their lives in a fire that started on E.

Auburndale Avenue on December 7. She was one of those people. The fire was responsible for the deaths of a great number of more persons.
When the fire started, the woman was apparently pouring kerosene into the space heater, which is what Captain Kurt Wright of the Investigation Division of the Fire Department said caused the fire. In addition to a kerosene can that was large enough to carry five gallons of the fuel, Houk’s house came equipped with not just one but two separate kerosene space heaters. The size of the kerosene can allowed it to hold a capacity of five gallons of the fuel.

Wright states that she has not had gas in the house since 2008, which casts doubt on the event that took place because it could not have happened then. Investigations into the occurrence are still being carried out by the Mahoning County Coroner’s Office as well as the Youngstown Fire Department. Both of these investigations have already led to the study of the autopsy of the deceased person. The autopsy of the dead person who was the focus of the investigation has already been reviewed as a result of these enquiries.