Tyler Cox Obituary, Brigham City Utah Tyler Cox Has Passed Away

Tyler Cox Obituary, Death – A portion of time that has been specifically allotted for the family to pray together as a unit and that has been set aside for the purpose of praying together is the time that has been allotted for this activity. After passing out in the backyard, he was waiting for the ambulance to arrive before being taken to the hospital for treatment. Prior to being taken there, he was waiting for the ambulance. He was eventually admitted to the medical facility after some time had passed since his initial arrival there. Unfortunately, while he was there, he developed a blood clot, and as a direct result of the condition, he ultimately passed away as a consequence of the illness.

A young man by the name of Tyler Cox, who had been working for one of the members of the group prior to his untimely death, passed away not too long ago. Tyler Cox had been an employee of the group until his untimely death. We would be very grateful if you could say a prayer for him today and add him to the list of people that you pray for. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request. Kindly be aware that you and I are praying for him.

Please say some prayers for him while he is going through this difficult time. I beg you. At the time the event in question took place in his life, he was 29 years old, and he had already achieved the feat of becoming a father to three children before it took place. During this difficult time, we ask that you pray for the family, that they may feel the love and comfort that Christ has surrounding them, and that they may be healed from their wounds. Please keep the family in your prayers.