Robert Blair Obituary, Robert Blair has passed away unexpectedly

Robert Earl Blair Obituary, Death – Robert Earl Blair Obituary, On Monday afternoon, Robert Earl Blair, who had reached the age of 54 when he passed away, did so in a serene and peaceful manner. His passing occurred at a time when he was at home. [There must be other citations for this] He had been putting up with the side affects of his illness for some time at that point. He spent his entire life at the same address on Gaston Street, and he never relocated from that location. In this house, he received care from the time of his birth till the time of his passing from his departed father, Kenneth “Sam” Blair, and his mother, Mary Peay Blair. His care was provided in this house. At that moment, he was no longer with us. Because of the unfortunate circumstances, he had to go his own way.

Other members of his family, such as Douglas Blair, Tammie Blair, and Barbara B. Wright, are all still alive and have survived him. Other members of his family include Barbara B. Wright. Barbara B. Wright is one of his relatives and another member of his family. Barbara B. Wright is a member of his family and one of his relatives. She also bears his last name. It has been established beyond a reasonable doubt that he was the one who passed away (George). Robert was not only an exceptional help around the house, but he was also an active member of Parkway Baptist Church, he listened to country music more than any other type of music, he was a loyal viewer of television, and he thought country music was the best sort of music there is. In addition, country music was Robert’s preferred style of music above all others.

He rarely listened to any other types of music. Another form of musical expression that held a great deal of value for him was that of country music. In addition to it, he liked jazz. n In order to meet and greet people, the family will be present at Parkway Baptist Church on Friday, December 23, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (local time). This event will take place the evening before Christmas, so mark your calendars! The funeral or memorial ceremony will be held in commemoration of the individual who has passed away, and the presence of those who attended will help to remember the individual’s life and celebrate their legacy. After that, there will be a memorial ceremony held in the holy room for the person who has passed away at eleven in the morning. After then, it is expected that the service will continue to be provided for at least a short while longer than before. The Reverend Jay Dorsey is going to talk to those who are there at the gathering while it is still going on, and he is going to address those who are there in attendance at the event.

At other times, members of Barbara Wright’s family can be seen socializing and having a good time at her house, which is precisely located at 1007 Pleasant Grove Church Road, Chester, South Carolina 29706, to give it its full address. Instead of sending flowers, the grieving family has requested that memorial contributions be made to the Parkway Baptist Church in the honor of the departed individual. These donations should be made in memory of the person who has recently passed away and should be made in their name. You are welcome to send your contributions to the following address: Post Office Box 1227, Chester, South Carolina 29706. I am grateful to you for your assistance. I can’t tell you how much I value your assistance. At this time, Pollard Funeral Home is providing assistance to the family in the process of completing the criteria and caring to the needs of the family members so that the family can proceed with their lives. The assistance in this matter is being provided to the family by the funeral home.