Rita Camilleri Obituary, 57-year-old woman killed in Vaughan, Ontario shooting

Rita Camilleri Obituary, Death – Police have identified the five persons murdered in a mass shooting at a condo complex in Vaughan, Ontario, on Sunday. Rita Camilleri, 57, Vittorio Panza, 79, Russell Manock, 75, Helen “Lorraine” Manock, 71, and Naveed Dada, 59 were among those killed. The sixth victim, Doreen Di Nino, 66, was brought to the hospital with critical injuries. She is still in the hospital. The victims were shot on separate floors of the building on Sunday night.

According to York Regional Police Chief Jim MacSween, officers were summoned to 9235 Jane Street, north of Rutherford Road, around 7:20 p.m. for an active shooter incident. The officers’ findings were described as a “bad situation.” According to MacSween, the shooter targeted three distinct flats in the complex. Following an exchange of fire, an officer shot and killed the gunman, identified as 73-year-old Francesco Villi, in a corridor. The Special Investigations Unit (SIU), which investigates police-involved shootings that result in injury or death, is looking into the suspect’s shot. “The man was a building resident equipped with a semiautomatic handgun,” said SIU Spokesperson Kristy Denette on Monday.

According to court records, Villi has a history of legal troubles with the condominium organization, and they have sought the courts to order him to leave. On Monday, the matter was supposed to be heard. Two of the fatalities, Naveed and Camilleri, are identified as building board directors, and Russell Manock was a prior board member, according to court filings. Doreen Di Nino’s husband told CP24 on Tuesday that he believes the shooter was aiming for his wife and the other passengers. “If you look at the people that were impacted, you’ll notice that all of the deceased either lived on or had lived on our board,” John Di Nino noted. “And the fact that the gunman approached our unit and purposefully targeted my family adds to my belief that it was a planned attack.”

John Di Nino also serves on the condo board of the building. According to CP24, he was present when the gunman pointed a gun at his wife. “I simply keep seeing things again and over. I slept for a couple of hours last night, but it felt like a nightmare.” Police have not confirmed any specifics about the alleged gunman’s motivations or stated whether anyone in particular was targeted. The condominium management business expressed condolences to CTV News Toronto on behalf of the victims, their families, and the building’s inhabitants. “We are disappointed that the condominium complex that we administer was the site of a violent incident on Sunday evening,” said Crossbridge Condominium Services president Sandro Zuliani.  “We thank the many First Responders who attended, and we are cooperating with and aiding the investigative authorities as the investigation continues.”