Paul Russo Obituary, Clifton Park NY Paul Russo Has Passed Away

Paul Russo Obituary, Death – Paul You have developed into a manly gentleman who is deserving of love, respect, and honor. You have earned our love and respect by developing into a person who has taken on so much since the death of your father, as well as by tending to your mother while she has been ill. This has allowed us to see how much you have grown since your father’s passing. In a number of different ways… The day did not start out the way I had planned it to because I received a phone call and found out that you had passed away. My eyes filled up with tears. in the manner of a young child. The news of your passing has left each of us with broken hearts and completely shattered perceptions of the world. This is a significant step backward.
It sounds like your heart is beating.

The events that transpired when your father passed away will never leave my mind. In spite of the fact that we were all aware of the fact, it was very stressful for my father to maintain the belief that he was capable of performing additional tasks. You were the FIRST person to console him and reassure him that he was not to blame for what had taken place; thank you for doing so. You took charge and demonstrated that you are the same kind of man that we have always known you to be. You are incredible on every conceivable level. You were someone who I looked up to as a brother. For over 40 years, Karen and I have been driving you absolutely insane with our antics. On the other hand, there was no question in any of our minds that you cherished us. Unconditionally.

I’m not sure what we’ll do if we have to operate without you, but I want you to know how much we value your contribution. We beg you not to give up on us. We are aware that both of your parents greeted you with open arms when you arrived. We are aware that you are no longer suffering from your condition and do not feel any pain. We are aware that you loved each and every one of us, and we have no doubt that you are presently keeping watch over all of us to ensure that things run smoothly. Everyone here will miss you very much once you’ve moved on.