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Kathleen Wyatt Obituary, Death –  At the age of 64, a devoted mother, wife, and sister who had savored every moment of her life passed away in a beautiful and peaceful setting at the Ottawa Heart Institute on December 16, 2022. She had lived her life to the absolute fullest. She was a native of the area and had resided there for her whole life. Kathleen Dore was born in Ottawa in 1958 to her late parents, Ronald and Teresa Dore. Both of her parents have since passed away. Since then, none of her parents has survived to this day. Since then, none of her parents has made it to this day alive to see the present. Mark, Michael (who had departed away), and Randy were her older brothers. Mark had passed away. Mark was no longer with us. The family had three children total, and she was the third and last one.

She was the second youngest of the family’s four children when she was born, making her the second-to-last child to enter the world. Throughout the entirety of her marriage to Richard Wyatt, which lasted for 43 years, she was a loyal and loving wife to her husband. They were married at the time, she was married to Richard Wyatt. During that time period. Matthew and Benjamin were the names of the two children that were brought into the world as a direct result of the couple’s decision to begin a family. This decision was a direct outcome of the couple’s intention to have a family. Kathleen was a devoted mother who never missed an opportunity to demonstrate to her children that she loved and supported them regardless of the circumstances. She did this by never saying “no” to any of their requests.

She never skipped an opportunity to support them and was there for them at all times. They could always count on her to be there for them anytime they had a question or required her assistance. Kathleen was an exceptionally charitable and generous person, and she never prioritized her own need over those of others. She was always concerned about the welfare of others. She never considered her own requirements, instead prioritizing those of others. She never put her needs ahead of those of others in the priority list. She was the type of person who would help anyone who asked for it since she had a generous spirit and was always prepared to do so. She was the type of person who was always willing to provide a helpful hand. She was always available to anyone who needed to talk to her or receive some advice, and she was always ready to listen. She was always there for anyone who needed to talk to her or get some advice.

She exemplified what it means to be an excellent human being in every conceivable way, and the mere sight of her grin or the way she carried herself had the power to make everyone’s day that she interacted with more enjoyable. She served as a model for us. Everyone who was dear to Kathleen, regardless of how close or far they lived from her, is going to feel an incredible void in their lives as a result of her passing. After she leaves, she will be missed by many people, including her devoted spouse, two children, two siblings, one grandson, and a daughter-in-law. She also had a daughter-in-law. In addition to this, she is the mother-in-law of a daughter-in-law who absolutely adores her and will be devastated when she leaves.

In order to celebrate Kathleen’s life and pay tribute to her memory, a get-together is going to be organized at a later point in time. This event is scheduled to take place at a later time in the future. Those who wish to pay tribute to Kathleen by remembering her in some way are asked to refrain from sending flowers to the family and instead make a donation to the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.