John Hunter Obituary, John Hunter Has Sadly Passed Away

John Hunter Obituary, Death – It is with a heavy and broken heart that I must inform you that my father, John Hunter, passed away on Monday as a result of an unforeseen illness. They were able to revive him and stabilize him to the point where he could be transported to the emergency room of the hospital, where he was eventually admitted to the intensive care unit. After suffering a cardiac event, emergency medical services were called to his residence, where they were successful in reviving him and stabilizing him to the point where he could be transported there. I am grateful that I was able to get there quickly from Seattle on a red-eye flight because my mother, sister, and brother-in-law were all at his bedside when I arrived.

I was able to get there quickly because I was able to visit with them. We went through a moment that was simultaneously filled with both heartache and peace as we said our final goodbyes to him at his bedside after making the agonizing decision to turn off the life support that was keeping him alive. After a few hours had passed, we could no longer see or speak with him.
Over the course of the last 55 years, I have had the honor of having this man act in the capacity of my father…

Whether it be how to play any sport that involves a ball, how to appreciate nature and all of its beauty, how to appreciate the value of working hard to achieve goals and dreams, how to always remember the importance of family or any of the other countless life lessons, he has taught me all of these things and so much more. He has also taught me how to appreciate the importance of working hard to achieve goals and dreams. The thing for which I will be eternally grateful to him is the fact that he showed me how to be a good son and father, and I will be thankful to him for that until the end of time. Thank you very much, Dad; your family’s history will live on.