John Ahl Obituary, Weymouth MA, Former coach of Vikings Hockey Club has died

John Ahl Obituary, Death – John Ahl of Weymouth, Massachusetts has passed away on December 19, 2022. John was an amazing coach at Vikings Hockey Club. He attended Hull High School. Militia and Vikings Hockey Club took to social media to pay tribute to John Ahl; “We are saddened to inform you that John T. Ahl has died away; it is with a heavy heart that we share this news with you. Because he was such a wonderful coach, father, and husband, John is one of the main reasons why the Vikings Hockey Club is as successful as it is now. Even after he stepped down from his position as a coach, he continued to maintain a relationship with the program in order to monitor its progress. May you finally find peace, John.

According to a Facebook post; The man who taught me what true love is and how to love has died away, and the news has left me in a state that can best be described as sad. I wish I had the power to take everything away from you, dad, since you didn’t do anything to deserve any of it and you certainly didn’t work hard enough to earn it. You are the very last person on the face of the globe who should have been made to put up with such extreme discomfort for such a considerable amount of time.

I am aware that you had much more to give; however, beginning now and moving forward, everything that I accomplish will be for you, dad, because you have always been the only person who has believed in me the most. Although I am aware that you had much more to give, I will dedicate everything that I accomplish to you. I love you, dad, and there are no words that can adequately express the amount of love that you implanted in the hearts of all of those who had the privilege of being able to call you a friend during your lifetime.

You and those you care about are in my thoughts and prayers at this time. Such a giver, such an achiever, and one who takes tremendous pride in both himself and his family. We have fond memories of the day, not long after we moved into the neighborhood, when he bought our children a real drum set and left it in the driveway. Bruno and I both like thinking back on that moment. As a result of this, we felt the need to send accusatory texts to our friends, many of whom are fond of intimidating us with “loud toys.” After some time had gone, he returned to tell us that it was in fact he who had been there all along. Always had time to stop and talk to a neighbor, and he took great pleasure in imparting some of his good fortune upon us.