Jason O’Shea Obituary, Adrigole Gaa Mourns The Death Of Jason O’Shea

Jason O’Shea Obituary, Death – Because of the unexpected passing of Jason O’Shea, everyone associated with Adrigole GAA is in an overwhelming state of grief. This is due to the fact that Jason’s passing came as a complete surprise. Not just to his sister Lorraine and his brother Kieran, but also to the rest of his close family members and friends who were impacted by his demise, the club would like to extend our sympathies. Both of his parents, Denis and Dolores, were active members of the club and participated to its operations in a number of different capacities.

He takes after both of his parents in this regard. Jason was a dedicated player for us at both the underage and adult levels, and he always played to the best of his ability. He was a member of our team at both the underage and adult levels. He participated in both our underage and adult competitions as a member of our team. As a member of our team, he competed with us in both the underage and adult categories of the competition. He participated in the competition with us as a member of our team, and we entered him in the underage as well as the adult categories. Jason was the goaltender for the Adrigole squad during the Beara Junior B Championship that they competed in back in 2014, and the Adrigole team ended up winning the championship for the very final time.

Beara Junior B is the category that Jason won in. Because Jason possessed such a remarkable personality, he was able to win the love and devotion of everyone who had the opportunity to become acquainted with him. This was because Jason possessed such an impressive level of charisma, which contributed to the situation. As a consequence of this, the departure of Jason will result in a significant void being left behind not only in the club, but also in the community as a whole, and among the fishing family in particular.